29 January 2016

A ‘broad brush review’ of NPCA’s publications is well advanced with updated editions of most NPCA titles now online.

The ’broad brush’ approach is not a comprehensive review but is aimed at updating out-of-date references to:

  • agency names;

  • website links; and

  • legislation and regulations;

and adding:

  • information about new tools, such as PAPP or the registration of new rook baits.

In some documents, some content has been edited in specific areas, mainly as a result of comment or queries from the industry. These edits include clarification of ambiguity or matters not explicitly addressed, but are not consequential. All the updated publications, except brochures, contain a brief summary of the changes opposite the Contents page and, where necessary, a more extensive list of amendments in an appendix.

The recent updates are listed under ’New publications’.