8 November 2015

NPCA has just published a new possum population monitoring protocol, Possum Population Monitoring Using the Trap-catch, Waxtag and Chew Card Methods, which is now available for download > publication Code A1.

The new protocol updates and brings together in a single document, the former separate trap-catch and waxtag protocols (publication no’s A1 and A2) together with new guidelines on using the more recent chew card monitoring method. An expert working group has worked for more than a year to review all three monitoring methods and bring together their findings in the combined best practice guideline. Some significant changes are included, which are itemised in the protocol appendix.

All those involved in monitoring possum populations should familiarise themselves with the new protocol. If you are carrying out monitoring work for others, including OSPRI, DOC and Local Government, you will need to contact them to verify when they require the new protocol to be put into practice.