Accreditation renewal for possum monitoring operators

Anyone undertaking contract possum monitoring work for possum control agencies must be an approved operator under an accreditation scheme administered by NPCA (National Possum Control Agencies) on behalf of the possum control Industry.

Accredited operators

To apply for renewal of your accreditation: complete renewal form.

Remember: contact NPCA to notify any change of address to ensure you will receive the renewal notice we send you before your accreditation expires

To become accredited

Please contact NPCA for information about applying for accreditation.

This is to advise that as part of the transfer of services the NPCA's Management Committee has recently taken a decision to increase the renewal fees for monitoring accreditation.

They will be increased to $200 + GST for the two year term with immediate effect.

It should be noted firstly that the renewal fees have not been adjusted for many years and it is timely that it be reviewed as part of the initiative to transfer NPCA services and secondly that the importance of the monitoring accreditation scheme was very much reinforced during the associated discussions with control agencies and stakeholders.

The change is seen then as bringing the fees into line and there will also be associated contacts changes that will be available on as well as in renewal notices.