Currently accredited possum monitoring operators

Anyone undertaking contract possum monitoring work for possum control agencies must be an approved operator under an accreditation scheme administered by NPCA (National Possum Control Agencies) on behalf of the possum control Industry.

The current possum monitors are listed alphabetically:

by Name

by Region

by Category Description.

The listings show each operator’s registration ID, the expiry date of the accreditation and the categories of accreditation qualification.

Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) - Unit Standards

Monitors who have received their monitoring unit standards through assessment by registered assessors are listed by region in the:

Recognition of Current Competency Schedule

The unit standards (required for accreditation) are:

  • Prepare and carry out field work for a monitoring operation (22115)
  • Possum population monitoring using the RTC index method (22116)
  • Using a global positioning system (GPS) for monitoring (20798)

Contact the Agriculture Industry Training Organisation on 0800-691-111 for details on the RCC process and how to sign up for assessment.

Need more Information?

Please contact NPCA if you wish to obtain the contact details for accredited monitors.

Note: if you cannot find a name you are looking for, the monitor's accreditation may have expired or the monitor has requested that his/her details remain private.