NPCA's strategic aims are focused on raising standards in vertebrate pest control. We also promote public awareness of the pressing and ongoing need for vertebrate pest control in New Zealand.

These aims also support the conservation, biodiversity and farming objectives of the Department of Cconservation, the Animal Health Board, Regional Councils and pest control industry stakeholders.

A.·Quality Assurance

Facilitate the development of agreed industry standards for vertebrate pest control work. This involves working with the industry to establish minimum standards and associated best practice guidelines.

B.·Communications and Public Relations

Promote a positive public perception of vertebrate pest control work and facilitate effective communication between those in the industry.

C.·Research and Technology Transfer

Identify and prioritise research needs in vertebrate pest control and ensure that the results of research are communicated and implemented within the industry.


Co-operate with parent agencies of vertebrate pest control regulations, including discussion of industry issues.

E.· Future Directions

Ensure NPCA's role and functions adapt to meet the changing needs and structures of the vertebrate pest control industry.