15 May 2015

Did you know? NPCA specialises in best practice guidelines.

If you're looking for well-researched and peer-reviewed guidance on how to monitor and control vertebrate pests in New Zealand, check out NPCA's 'A Series' best practice publications.

The 'A Series' guidelines cover monitoring and control techniques of possum, mustelid (weasel, stoat and ferret), feral cat, rabbit, hare, wallaby, feral pig and rook populations. There are also best practice guides on the use of leghold and kill traps, use of bait stations and the standard operating procedures for aerial 1080 possum and rabbit control.

The latest in the series is the 'Keep it Clean: Machinery Hygiene Guidelines adn Logbook' to assist machine operators prevent the spread of weeds and pests in the countryside.

We make sure our publications reflect current best practice by working with experienced pest control specialists and researchers on the writing and regular updates.

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Some of the 16 current titles.