For people who wish to become accredited to undertake monitoring contracts using the waxtag method.

Course certificates are recognised by the Animal Health Board, Regional Councils, the Department of Conservation and contractor organisations.

Information For Participants

The course runs alongside the full Field Operative Course. The Waxtag component is on the first day of the course and the time of this is confirmed with enrolment.

To participate in the Waxtag course, participants must have successfully completed a Field Operative with the Trap-Catch method.

What Does a Waxtag Course Cover?

Pre-course information packs contain the key publications on possum control and monitoring that a contractor needs to have. The material covers technical information, best practice, statutory obligations, monitoring tasks and  responsibilities, and details of training courses.

In-course content covers:

- The waxtag protocol in detail and its application to field monitoring,
- Background to the Waxtag method,
- Brief overview of design requirements,
- Using waxtags in the field,
- Identification of bite marks,
- Data recording,
- Calculating the Possum Activity Index (PAI),
- Monitoring contractors using the waxtag method.

Equipment/materials needed:

- Hammer
- Hip chain
- Pencils, eraser, pens, ruler
- Compass (Silva type brand recommended NOT floating card types)
- Note paper (A4 size)
- Wet weather gear, bush clothing and boots.

Course Tutors

The course tutors are drawn from practicing and experienced operators with an emphasis on individual tuition to assist in working through both the tutorial course materials and the field exercises.

Course Assessment

Candidates must achieve a pass in the course assessments which cover written and practical tests. Candidates who meet the course assessment requirements will get a certificate and will be accredited as an approved operator for Waxtag Monitoring.

Course Programme and Enrolment

Check course times and locations in the course programme

For enrolment information see Course Registration.

If you require any further information please call the helpline on 027 945 1719.